Gospel Kids

Our children matter. Gospel Life is committed to the care and nurture of children. As such, quality childcare is provided for all our Gatherings. We believe that our children can learn far more than most give them credit for today, so we also endeavor to teach them on a level they can understand.
During our Gathering time each Sunday: 
Children ages 0-2 are welcome to be in the worship Gathering or, if needed, there is a room where parents can sit with them and view the Live Stream of our service.
Children ages 3-8 are encouraged to be with the adults during the Welcome and Music portions of the Gathering and then they are dismissed as a group to learn on their level, while the we learn on ours.
Children ages 9 and up stay through the whole Gathering time and are encouraged to ask questions when there are things they do not understand.  We provide a clip board on our welcome table with a page designed for them to take notes each Sunday.  


Jesus loves children and so do we!